Castor Oil for Flawless Skin

Out of all the essential oil or cosmetic creams, castor oil for skin care is the best as Castor oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the tropical Ricinus communis plant, is thicker and more viscous in nature making it a promising replenisher for skin. It has been used in various skincare & cosmetic products due to its good absorption property. Its therapeutic benefits are considered to have been recognised as early as ancient Egypt, when the oil was widely regarded as an immunity-booster elixir.

With EriCare’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory healing properties, it has the potential to prevent blemishes, dry skin & treat acne breakouts. Dabbing it on breakouts or applying a thin layer to your skin as a mask could help you maintain clear skin. It can work in reverse against dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, and other skin conditions

How to Use cold-pressed castor oil on Skin?

  • 1. Cleanse your face

  • 2. Use a clean applicator

  • 3. Apply gently

  • 4. Leave it overnight

  • Add castor oil application in your routine to see the effective results

    5. Repeat regularly

Did You Know?

Cold-Pressed Castor Oil is rich in Vitamin E, ricinoleic acid and other fatty acids that makes it ideal natural moisturizer and skin healer to keep your skin looking young, shiny, and healthy. It also helps in preventing wrinkles, skin inflammation.