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  • Woman worried about her sparse eyelashes and eyebrows
    Woman happy after applying castor oil for eyelashes growth and getting positive results.

    Eyelashes / Eyebrows Growth

  • Woman unhappy with her thin frizzy hair
    Happy woman after observing the results of EriCare castor Oil on Hair

    Hair Treatment

  • Women worried about acne prone skin
    clear acne-free skin after applying castor oil on face with dry skin

    Acne Prone Skin

  • woman with fine lines worried about wrinkles
    woman with youthful skin after applying castor oil for anti-aging treatment

    Anti Aging

  • Castor Oil as a natural moisturizer for itchy and dry skin
    Get soft moisturized skin by regularly applying castor oil on skin.

    Natural Moisturizer

  • 100% Pure Virgin ricinus communis seed oil

    100% Pure

  • Cruelty Free Indian Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

    Cruelty Free

  • India's High Quality Farm To Face Organic Castor Oil

    Farm to face

  • Hexane Free Castor Oil from Indian Farms

    Hexane Free

  • Paraben free Eranda Tel

    Paraben Free

  • All Natural Castor Oil from Indian Farms


Farmers discussing sustainable castor farming for face to farm castor oil

Know Our Castor Story

At Ericare, we provide gentle and effective self-care solutions.
Our beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products cater to your skin’s well-being rooted in Ayurveda.

Eri – derived from Eranda, is the Sanskrit name of Castor Oil. We are part of the Jayant Agro company – with over 75 years of expertise in Castor-based products.

Our virgin Cold-Pressed Castor Oil care focuses on skin therapy and the almost magical power of Castor seeds.

Because healing is essential for your skin and You.

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EriCare Happy Customers

  • The cold-pressed castor oil is very natural, pure, and definitely a good buy for anybody looking for a good-quality castor oil. Only once you start using it, will you know this product's difference and purity.

    Purvi Parekh

  • The cold pressed Ericare castor oil has excellent texture and no pungent smell at all.I used it for my hair and it has softened my hair.I also used it for my face and it has reduced the dark circles under my eyesOne person found this helpful.

    Manoj Ambvani

  • Have heard from many of my friends that eranda tel can make eyelashes look more darker and thicker. So thought to give it a try! Have been using this since a week and I love the look and feel of my eyelashes post applying ericare on it. This ericare’s bottle is pocket friendly and can be carried easily in my purse.

    Kriti Mehta

Know Your Castor Oil

Castor Farm that produces high-quality castor seeds with sustainable castor farming for extracting pure cold-pressed castor oil

Can castor oil help with my itchy scalp problems?

Yes, castor oil can help reduce scalp flakiness or irritation given its deeply moisturizing properties. It aims to hydrate and condition dry, flaky scalp.

Its omega-9 fatty acids nourish your scalp and keep it healthy and cool.

I want to grow my eyelashes but am afraid Castor oil will be too sticky for application. How can I avoid this?

Castor oil does have a sticky consistency, but it can be applied in moderation without slathering it on the eyelashes.

Make sure to avoid a thick coat and only apply it at home with minimal or no makeup.

You can also apply it before bed with a cotton swab and wash it off first thing in the morning. Remember to do this gently with lukewarm water.

Does this oil work for dry skin? How can I use it on my face for effective results?

Castor oil in its cold-pressed form can nourish and hydrate dry skin with essential fatty acids.

It can be either directly applied on skin by hand/applicators or can be diluted with other oils (e.g. Olive oil) to let it absorb into the skin faster.

How to apply castor oil for hair?

Adding castor oil into your routine for haircare can be beneficial for both the texture and health of your hair. Know how to apply castor oil here: Castor Oil For Hair Care

Is it safe to use castor oil for eyebrows on oily or acne-prone skin? Can it lead to more breakouts?

For acne-prone skin, having enlarged pores or an oily T zone is quite common.

However, if you suffer from inflammation or oily/combination skin, it would be best to apply a minimal quantity of castor oil on your eyebrows.

Can I apply Castor Oil directly on my face?

Due to its high fatty acid content, castor oil can naturally attracts moisture from the air into the skin, while keeping the skin hydrated. Castor oil can indeed be used directly on the skin to promote smoothness and suppleness, but still doing a patch test is important before applying.