Best cold-pressed castor oil for long, thick and strong hair

From ancient times, we have seen granny’s advicing Castor oil for Hair Care. This ancient belief is backed by natural science as Castor Oil has significant amount of ricinoleic acid that has the ability to stimulate hair growth and work as natural emollient for your hair.Because of its high vitamin and fatty acid content, castor oil is a useful natural hair treatment.

Be it curly hair, wavy hair, silky hair, thin or thick hair, castor oil is best for any & every types of hair. When castor oil is applied to the roots of the hair and left on overnight, it encourages hair growth from dormant follicles. Ericare’s 100% Pure Natural Organic Castor oil is a one stop solution for your all hair problems like split ends, dandruff, thinning, hair loss, frizziness, dull and heat damaged hair. Additionally, castor oil maintains a pH-balanced scalp, which promotes a healthy environment for hair growth. Its emollient qualities condition and hydrate hair, improving its luster and smoothness. 

How to Use Cold-Pressed Castor Oil on Hair?

  • heat castor oil before applying as warm castor oil absorbs better

    1. Heat castor oil

  • Apply castor oil to washed clean dry hair

    2. Keep your hair clean,dry and damp before applying

  • With help of cotton balls or clean hands apply warm cold-pressed castor oil to your hair from scalp to all hair strands

    3. Apply oil using cotton ball or hands

  • Woman wearing shower cap before bedtime after deep massaging her hair with Ericare organic castor oil at night.

    4. Cover your hair with shower cap and leave it overnight

  • Wash your hair properly next day after applying castor oil and leaving it overnight

    5. Wash your hair next day

  • Add castor oil application in your routine to see the effective results

    6. Repeat the process twice a week

Did You Know?

Applying castor oil once a month is enough to increase hair growth five times faster than usual. It can help hydrate an itchy, dry scalp with antibacterial and antifungal qualities of castor oil.