Our Castor Story

EriCare® - A Jayant Agro Brand

EriCare® – Castor For every care, is a brand based on the therapeutic & magical secrets of Castor Oil, which has its roots in ancient Ayurveda & Egyptian beauty recipes, some of which date back to 2500 BC (almost 5000 years back). These traditional personal care secrets are based on a holistic approach enhancing beauty inside out. Celebrities from Cleopatra to Kareena and beyond have had Castor oil as a part of their everyday beauty regime.

EriCare® is a brainchild of Jayant Agro-Organics Limited (JAOL) with its strong roots in Castor Oil dating back to 1952. JAOL across 4 generations has gained the experience and knowledge in this molecule, which helps transform this liquid gold – castor oil into various sustainable and natural derivatives. EriCare harnesses this expertise to curate appropriate grades amongst 32 grades available at JAOL, for your every need. Hence EriCare has a solution for every care.  

Castor Oil is a crucial crop for farmers across India, as India itself grows 85% of the world’s castor. We understand the importance of supporting our farmers and are committed to align with the national goal of doubling their income. JAOL in collaboration with Arkema, BASF, and Solidaridad, has established SuCCESS (Sustainable Castor Caring for Economic and Social Security), an initiative aimed at promoting sustainable and fair farming practices. Through SuCCESS, we ensure that our farmers are well-taken care of. Also ensuring our business aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. All of EriCare’s products are SuCCESS certified, thus ensuring every purchase of yours contributes and supports our dear Farmers. 

Our Story behind EriCare

Combining a holistic traditional approach with scientific knowledge, EriCare creates innovative and natural solutions for a healthy you.  Drawing inspiration from these ancient texts such as the Ebers Papyrus and Susruta Samhita, we have developed a revolutionary set of products identified for your eyes, skin, hair, gut and overall body. 

“Eri” which is derived from the Sanskrit name for Castor Oil “Eranda,” while “Care” represents our dedication to provide the highest quality Castor Oil, thus form the word EriCare.