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Gut Health Gummies for Happy Gut Flora | Probiotic + Castor Oil Based | Improves Digestive System | EriCare 30N

Gut Health Gummies for Happy Gut Flora | Probiotic + Castor Oil Based | Improves Digestive System | EriCare 30N

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Boost your gut health with a powerful combination of cold-pressed castor oil and nutritious probiotics microbes that helps fight with bad bacteria improving the gut health. Prebiotics are food that fuels growth of good bacteria in your gut while castor oil being the natural laxative that balances your gut flora while smoothening the bowel movements.

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Healthy Gut with Delectable Gummies!

EriCare Castor Oil infused Gummies for Gut Health is the perfect pairing of health and taste. EriCare Gummies for Gut Health, comes in the juicy orange flavour with the dynamic duo of cold-pressed castor oil and goodness of Bacillus coagulans, probiotic microbes that not only strengthens the natural variety of bacteria in your gut but also enriches it with plenty of helpful microbes. It's like giving your gut the perfect nutrients to flourish and thrive, promoting a healthier digestive system and overall well-being. 

Our gut health is the core of our immune system, as a strong gut impacts more than just your stomach. Our gut plays a vital role in our body by breaking down the food we eat and absorbing the nutrients essential for our body.

When your gut is healthy, you feel better inside out and are prepared to resist the viruses and fight off illnesses.

With fast life and unhealthy lifestyle pattern, our body don’t get the essential vitamins, minerals, fibres that is required by our body to function properly and boost our immune power. Castor Oil Gummies by EriCare are the best supplements that complements our healthy diet and helps in absorbing the necessary nutrients that we lack on. EriCare’s Gut Health Gummies comes in juicy orange flavour with castor oil being the main ingredient which is stimulant laxative that’s effective in balancing out the good and bad bacteria, improving digestive system, building stronger immune system, weight management, supports healthy clear skin, better mental health, improves sleep pattern.

EriCare Gummies: Key to Gut Health

  • Perfect pairing of cold-pressed castor oil and good probiotic Bacteria in form of B. Coagulans with juicy orange flavour.
  • FSSAI Approved Castor Oil based Health Supplement Gummies.
  • SuCCESS Code Certified ensuring sustainability.
  • Natural Colour, Gelatin Free, Lactose Free, Free of Processed Sugar.
  • Travel Friendly

Why Choose EriCare Gummies For Healthy Gut?

  • Immunity Booster Gummies: Improved gut health regulates and boosts our immunity system naturally.
  • Improves Digestive System: Using a clean spoolie provided in the box, apply a tiny amount to your lashes and/or brows before bedtime. See them grow over the next few weeks
  • Boosts Energy Level: Mix this oil with any carrier/essential virgin oil and apply a small amount to the scalp and massage gently, you can also apply this product directly by just warming it. Leave on for at least an hour, or overnight, before shampooing. For split ends, apply a small amount of warm castor oil directly to the tips of your hair.
  • Prevents Life Threatning Disease : Gut Microbes play important role in regulating the immune system homeostasis, as imbalance of it can cause life risking diseases.

  • Healthy Sleep Patterns: Gut Microbes can stimulate your sleep patterns as by balancing your melatonin and serotonin harmones that regulates your sleep.
  • Recommended usage: Take 2 Gummies daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional (Not Recommended for Children below 5 Years)
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