Get Gorgeous Naturally: Cold-Pressed Castor Oil Beauty Tips and Tricks!

Get Gorgeous Naturally: Cold-Pressed Castor Oil Beauty Tips and Tricks!

Plenty of Clean beauty brands keep coming on our social media platform screen with claims of being 100% Natural, Pure Organic, no chemical, preservatives, sulphate free etc. But for surely they aren't in as natural form as a farm-to-face cold-pressed castor oil! Isn't that true? So though cold-pressed castor oil might look sticky, thick just oil to many, but it has some genuine effective natural benefits that each one of us should take advantage of. And irony is that getting gorgeous naturally doesn't burn your pockets! So here we are sharing beauty tips and tricks of using cold-pressed erand tel for boosting your natural beauty.

  • Using cold-pressed castor oil to reduce dark spots


Can castor oil reduce dark spots? Yes! As castor oil being rich in ricinoleic acid has natural properties of lightening the pigmentation because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties that soothes skin from within reducing the dark spots from roots.


To reduce dark spots you can try this home remedy that can do wonders to your skin healing:

Lemon Juice
Multani Mitti
Cold-Pressed Castor Oil
DIY Recipe:
Mix lemon juice and 3-4 drops of cold-pressed aranda oil to multani mitti and apply this face mask on your face. Keep it for 20mins and then wash it with cold water. 
Doing this twice a week will work on reducing dark spots and adorn your skin.
  • Virgin Castor Oil for elevated Eyelashes and thicker Eyebrows

Cold-pressed castor oil is the best solution for eyelashes and eyebrows growth. If you have sparse lashes/brows you should add castor oil in your daily self-care routine. You just have to apply organic castor oil to your eyelashes/eyebrows with help of spoolie every night and sleep. Let the night and castor do the magic of making your lashes/brows fuller, thicker and longer.

  • Apply Castor Oil for Wrinkle Free Skin

Organic cold-pressed castor oil is packed with antioxidants that acts as  superheroes to go around battling free radicals your body produces. And guess what? They're like the ultimate wrinkle fighters. As free radicals are troublemakers that speed up aging by causing oxidative stress in your cells, leading to those pesky wrinkles. But with antioxidants on your side, you're giving those free radicals a run, helping to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful for longer.

Though applying EriCare organic castor oil directly to your skin can do wonders to retaining your youthful skin but still once a week you should definitely try this face mask.



Few drops of organic castor oil
DIY Recipe:
Make smooth paste of 2-3 chunks of avacado, add 1 teaspoon of honey and few drops of castor oil. with help of brush apply evenly on your face and leave it for 15 mins. Wash your face with luke warm water. Tadda to fresh dewy hydrated skin!
  • Massaging Castor Oil for Soft Silky Hair

Who doesn't want manageable hair that are easy to handle without breaking it! To get soft silky hair proper care of your hair is essential otherwise one can face poor quality of hair with hair loss. Massaging cold-pressed castor oil on your scalp will provide the natural conditioning that will not only keep your hair texture smooth and soft, but also elevate your scalp health boosting hair growth. 
  •  Consuming Aranda Tel For Gut Health

Your Hair and Skin health is directly proportional to your gut health. Healthy gut means clear skin and strong hair! Your belly buddies, the gut microbiome, are like superheroes for your body! They play a huge role in keeping your immune system in check, calming down pesky inflammation, and even helping to balance out those tricky hormones. Keeping your gut health happy and thriving will revive your hair and skin health!

Tips for Healthier Gut

For healthier gut there is no magical recipe but all you have to work is on lifestyle change, get moving as mobility plays important role too, add more fibre in your diet and get good sleep.

Along with the above activities, just by having 1-2 teaspoon castor oil at bedtime can help in colon cleansing leading to better gut health. 



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