Difference between Jamaican Castor Oil Vs Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Vs Indian Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

There has been a hype on Jamaican black castor oil being the purest form of castor oil. You may find many websites and brands claiming that jamaican oil is the only one which is superior in all means. So are you confused on which is better of Jamaican black castor oil vs indian cold-pressed castor oil? Lets bust the myth around the castor oil type.

So before we check the black vs indian castor oil, let us go through the history of Jamaican Black castor oil. 

It is believed that the jamaican castor oil was originated from Africa, it was created by rural African communities by former slaves in the slave era. This Jamaican product since 19th century has been part of jamaican culture heritage and was used to light lamps during world war two. 

Thereafter, it has been farmed and harvested in the Caribbean using customary methods, yielding what is known as black castor oil. In addition to other folk treatments, Jamaicans have been using black castor oil as a homemade medical solution. On the global market today, Jamaican black castor oil has been claimed for being superior quality.

Process of Making

When it comes to buying any kind of oil, people who are health conscious are aware and try to choose virgin oil over the regular oil. As virgin oil are cold-pressed oil extracted by pressing the beans without any heating process keeping all the nutrients intact.

But on the contrary, the Jamaican oil is a processed oil where the beans aren't natural black beans but are the normal castor beans that are roasted till black bringing more ash content in it. The black castor seeds are then grounded and boiled to extract oil. Its highly contradictory that this Jamaican castor oil is better than any other oil, as we choose other oils that are cold-pressed as that are healthy and has natural antioxidants in it, also these cold-pressed castor oil retain healthy nutritional value, are great immunity boosters and are ideal for being natural toner and moisturizer.

Though people claim that Jamaican castor oil can be beneficial, but according to skin experts, a cold-pressed is the ideal one for hair and skin working as best toner and moisturiser.

Cold-Pressed Castor Oil is crafted carefully with cold-pressing technique with no heat treatment to keep all the healthy nutrients intact that help in strengthening your hair and leaving supple, moisturised skin!

Colour & Smell of Jamaican Black Castor Oil Vs Indian Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Also the pure castor oil is likely to be transparent to pale yellow in colour. As the lighter the colour the purer the oil, but with jamaican it is claimed that ash black colour of castor oil can be beneficial for hair growth. Also the natural oil do have the mild natural smell of castor but doesn't have strong pungent smell alike jamaican.

Cold-Pressed castor oil available in market are purely extracted without compromising on colour. And it has mild real smell of pure castor.

Black castor oil was an ancient belief that has been carried forward without much research on it. But benefits of cold-pressed castor oil has been there and people are aware of it.

India is the largest producer of castor oil in world. And this quality of castor oil are commercially outsourced for producing quality derivatives of castor seeds. Jamaican Black Castor Oil may have effectiveness or may not as claimed, but this wasn't originated nor used for Indian skin type.

Because for Indian skin type all natural cold-pressed castor oil coming directly from Indian farms are ideal to nourish and protect Indian skin, hair & eyelashes.


What is your call on which is the best form of castor oil for Indian Skin? Make an informed and mindful decision before buying your castor oil for hair care, skin care or eyelashes/eyebrow care!



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