Checking facts on castor oil by bursting myths around castor oil

"The Truth About Cold-Pressed Castor Oil: Separating Myths from Facts!"

Cold-Pressed Castor Oil has been on top in the hall of fame in clean natural beauty industry sector. There has been a lot of speculations on what this no heat extracted castor oil can do and cannot. If someone is in search for home remedies, natural DIY for improving hair strength, skin disorders, gut health then surely there might be mention of castor oil along with other natural ingredients. But do Castor Oil really works for all kind of personal care problems? Read this blog till end to burst the myths around castor oil and to unveil the truth about potential of castor oil.

Castor Oil Can help in hair regrowth: Myth or Fact?

There is no research paper or science backed theory on castor oil being used as formula for hair regrowth or can cure alopecia/ baldness. But it has been age old "Granny Approved" formula for Hair Growth. Does it really works? Depends on individual. Few people do agree that it helps in hair regrowth but fact check is that castor oil has nourishing, hydrating property making it a natural emollient for hair and skin. It has been rich in Vitamin E, Essential fatty acids and Ricinoleic Acid making it a natural conditioner for hair. So with regular application of castor oil on hair, people will find difference in their hair quality, hair texture and the deep hydration of castor oil helps in reducing breakage, provides necessary nourishment to your dry scalp that controls dandruff and other scalp issues leading healthy hair, reduced hairfall and supporting strong hair. So though castor oil won't help much in hair growth but surely it will improve your hair health that can lead to long strong hair.

Castor Oil Can Cure Skin Problems: Myth or Fact?

As if castor oil is some kind of antiseptic, many people will have heard of this as household treatment, if facing itchiness or some kind of skin disorder just rub few drops of castor oil with turmeric powder and you will recover soon. Well castor oil  has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties that surely can help in curing few of the skin ailments but not all. It provides soothing effect to itchy flaky skin and cures minor skin inflammation. Regularly applying castor oil on dry skin can act as occlusive barrier and locks moisture. 

Castor Oil can Whiten Skin: Myth or Fact?

There is no skin whitening agent available in Castor Oil according to science. But it can help in getting dewy skin as castor oil is highly moisturizing by nature that penetrates into your skin layer and repairs the dead cells of skin that can lead to clear looking skin.

Castor Oil Cannot be Used on Oily Skin: Myth or Fact?

Castor Oil is thick in consistency so believing that it can be used only to moisturize dry skin is natural. But oily skin needs moisturizer too though it is acne-prone. So is castor oil a bad choice of moisturizer for oily skin? Yes! if applied directly. No if diluted into water based agent like Aloevera, Honey or Rose Water.

Also to revive the moisturizer of your oily skin, you can add castor oil to DIY Masks once or twice a week that can help you keep your skin supple without access oil that clogs your pores.

Castor Oil For Anti-Aging: Myth or Fact?

 Castor oil use for wrinkle free skin isn't backed with any scientific proof. Yet claims of using it as an anti-aging agent goes on. That is because it has collagen boosting property and this ricinus communis seed oil is rich in antioxidants that can improve skin elasticity boosting skin health.

Castor Oil to Induce Labour: Myth or Fact?

A Pregnant lady gets a lot of advice from Senior Citizen and one of the common in that is to start using castor oil to induce labour as one approaches the delivery date. Though there are no data backing this theory of labour induce but this has been a spell by ancient times though there is no record of castor oil having severe adverse effect on to be mom or baby in womb, but at the same time it hasn't been effective either to induce labour.

Castor Oil for Smooth Bowel Movements: Myth or Fact?

Castor Oil is 100% Pure form of stimulating laxative that helps in relieving constipation. Several studies has backed this theory that castor oil increases the muscle contractions that pushes stool through the intestines. Castor oil is recognized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration as a stimulant laxative that is both safe and effective, though it can have side effects like nausea to some individuals.

 What are some of the usage that you have heard about castor oil but aren't sure about how true is that. Comment down and let's check out the facts together.



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