Top 10 Best Castor Oil Brands in India for Strong Hair, Healthy Skin and eyelashes growth

Top 10 Best Castor Oil Brands in India for Strong Hair & Healthy Skin

Castor Oil has been an underestimated oil that one can find easily in every home's Kitchen. In India it has been used from ages for many home remedies, as grain storage agent and for healthy guts. In present times, people are no longer unaware consumers who just gets attracted by good packaging, tempting smell or falls for products claiming quick results. But rather modern consumer are being more mindful and switching to sustainable natural products that has long lasting effects. Castor Oil is a vital elixir that is used in pharma as a laxative, tablet capsule lubricant etc; while its a key ingredient in cosmetic for promoting hydration. Well this magical seed is a secret gem for many other industry too, but it has gained a high popularity after it has been claimed its exceptional benefits for hair, skin & eye lashes.

Here are the List of Top 10 Best Castor Oil Brands in India that are authentic for your Personal Care Usage:

1. EriCare: Castor For Every Care

EriCare for Every Care is a promising Personal Care and wellness Castor oil brand with the best quality of Certified Organic and Cold-Pressed Castor Oil coming from the selected castor seeds supported by The SuCCESS code , a well-recognized certification standard and 70 years Legacy of Jayant Agro Organics Ltd: A Company that is renowned worldwide for sourcing of Castor Oil & its derivatives.

One of the best castor oils in India that promotes healthy flawless skin, strong, luscious locks, long fuller eyelashes and thick dark eyebrows.

EriCare has recently launched its innovation in castor oil, by introducing castor oil in form of gummies for colon cleanse, reset gut health and hair, nail growth. So though their castor oil are edible but people who find it difficult to drink castor oil can still have benefits of taking castor oil by popping castor gummies.

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2. Nature's Absolutes Cold Pressed Castor Carrier Oil

This carrier oil is ideal for cleansing the face gently and effectively, eliminating dirt, grime, and other impurities that accumulate throughout the day. It is advisable to blend this oil with other carrier oils or essential oils of your choice. This oil deeply hydrates and conditions hair, giving it strength and vibrancy and encouraging hair development.

3. Organic Harvest Cold Pressed Castor Oil

This 100% Pure Castor Oil imparts moisture and claims to reduce stretch marks that are a frequent ailment, especially in pregnant women. The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids contribute to a decrease in the visibility of these signs. Additionally, it fights the pigmentation and irritation that stretch marks cause.

4. Soulflower Organic Castor Hair Oil 

This Pure & Natural Castor Oil coming in 225ml cute bottle comes with the MRP of 350INR and are free from any type of minerals or preservatives. Its unique, rich Golden Yellow colour is good for supporting maximum benefits to your health.

5. Rey Naturals Castor Oil

Regular Rey Naturals castor oil applications encourages hair growth. Additionally, it hydrates the skin and moisturises it. Castor oil's antioxidant and antibacterial capabilities shield the skin from free radical damage and stop bacteria that causes acne and pimples. Castor oil's anti-aging benefits tighten the skin. 

6. Pure and Sure Organic Castor Oil

This castor oil company that encourages organic farming and products produced from organic farming. They not only produce castor oil but have range of organic other cold pressed oils, desi ghee, beverages and snacks.

7. Urban Tonics Castor Oil

Urban Tonics is a brand that is doing their bit to make the planet more sustainable and bringing chemical free natural products. They have hexane-free aranda oil and also other natural products for hair care, skin care, face care, lips care etc.


8. Veda Oils

Veda Oils founded in 2018, is a manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and distributor of 100% pure and natural essential oils. They also provide white labeling business to small business owners. 

9. Advait Living

Advait living castor oil is produced by a family owned farm that is into regenerative farming. It was started by Meenakshi Kishore, who left her corporate job of 15 years to start regenerative farming at her ancestral farm in Agra.

10. Saptham

Saptham is an edible and essential oil brand that provides natural wood pressed range of oils. It has been started by an Former IT Professional and these oils are processed with age old technology of wooden pressed extraction of oil.

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