What makes EriCare the Best Castor Oil Brand for Strong Hair Roots & Healthy Skin

What makes EriCare the Best Castor Oil Brand for Strong Hair Roots & Healthy Skin

When you search for the "Best Cold-Pressed Castor Oil for Hair Care, Skin Care or eyelashes growth" you may find a lot of brands surfacing your screen with different specification and attributes. But what makes EriCare® Cold Pressed Castor Oil stand out from all others is the roots of this brand. Yes! EriCare® is the brand that comes from 70 year old legacy of its parent company Jayant Agro Organics Ltd, One of the leading Castor Oil Company.

What Makes EriCare the leading castor oil brand of India?

  1. Castor Seeds harvested from India

India is the largest producer of Castor seeds in the world with 86% of the world's total production. Though castor can grow under a variety of climatic conditions, a hot and humid tropical climate is more suitable for its growth and India has the perfect climate and soil for harvesting castor seed

     2. Extraction Method: Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Cold-pressed castor oil is extracted by first pressing of castor seeds without applying any heat and without adding any hazardous chemicals to it. It is the purest form of castor oil as it retains ayurvedic properties and healing benefits of castor oil during the extraction process.

   3. Quality Assurance with purest grade of Castor

Not all castor oil available in the market is certified to be both organic and edible. Many of them are also white label companies with no understanding of end-to-end processing. However, Ericare being a Jayant Agro Brand, our team ensures quality control throughout the entire process. From harvesting the highest-quality castor seeds, to ensuring that only the best grade of castors are used to make the purest form of cold-pressed castor oil.

4. Colour & Smell

Compared to regular castor oil, which is dark yellow in color, the purest version, produced using a cold-pressed technique, is translucent and pale yellow. Although high-quality castor oil does smell like castor, it doesn't smell strong enough to irritate your nose like the strong pungent smelling kind one.

5. Organic Certified & SuCCess Code

The 100% pure natural castor oil used in Ericare's Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil is NPOP Certified, making it a safe and chemical-free consumer product. Furthermore, all our products are Mass balance certified with SuCCESS Code, that ensures our eranda tel is made from sustainably farmed castors abide by set standards.

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