How to do a Hot Oil Treatment using castor oil: Step-by-Step Guide for Long Thick Hair

How to do a Hot Oil Treatment using castor oil: Step-by-Step Guide for Long Thick Hair

Introduction to Hot Oil Treatment:

We live a fast life in the polluted urban setup. Be it if you are working Men/Women or a home stay mother we all are trapped in the shackle of a commuter life and our fixed daily routines, where we do have time for everything but not for ourselves. In middle of chasing dreams, high standard of living, taking care of our hair becomes a challenge. By incorporating Hot Oil Treatment you can achieve the healthy lustrous hair that you desire. So let's check on How to do a Hot Oil Treatment Step by Step for Long Thick Beautiful Hair.

What is Hot Oil Treatment for Hair?

Hot Oil Treatment is the process where we heat the oil and apply it slightly warm starting from scalp to all hair strands. This Treatment can help open your hair follicles and allow our scalp to absorb the nourishment from home for retaining moisture, shine and strength of your hair. One can use mix of different oils or a single oil for hot oil treatment. You can also add hair nourishing ingredients while warming the oil to make it more nourishing and effective. 

Hot Oil Treatment: Step by Step

You will need:

Organic Castor Oil (1 Tablespoon)

Rosemary Essential Oil (2-3 Drops)

Coconut Oil (1 Tablespoon)

 Argon Oil (2-3 Drops)


  • Heat Your Choice of Oil: Mix your choice of oil in a steel bowl and heat it (do not overheat), for making it more beneficial you can add methi seeds, hibiscus flower, curry leaves into the oil and heat it till it blends well with the oil leaving the beautiful colour in oil. 
  • Apply this Concoction Treatment: Let the oil rest for 5-10mins and then apply it slightly warm with the help of your fingertips. Start with the middle part from center and let your fingertips roll firmly on your scalp. Slowly go down and firmly stroke up and repeat this.

Then again begin at the bottom of your neck, then gently roll your fingers upwards towards the top of your head. Use enough pressure to feel it, but make sure it feels good – especially in spots that feel tight or achy.

  • Hot Towel Wrap Treatment: Take a small towel convenient to wrap around your hair. Fill up a small tub with hot water and dampen the towel by soaking it into tub. After 5-10mins when the towel is manageable to touch just squeeze out the excess water and wrap the towel around your hair. The heat in towel will allow the oil to get absorb into the scalp and remove excess dirt builtup while hydrating your scalp. Keep it wrapped for 15  -25mins till the towel gets a little dried up.
  • Waiting Time: Ideally after the hot towel therapy wait for 30-40mins before you go to wash your hair. Best is to utilize this period by taking care of your skin. Just apply some summer face mask and rest till the time it dries up and then go and take a warm shower leaving all the week's stress at one go. 


Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment for Healthy strong Hair?


  • Restores Natural Hair Moisture: Hot oil treatments aids to deeply moisturize dry and brittle hair, its a natural conditioning treatment making your hair softer and more manageable.

  • Strengthens Hair: The oils used in the treatment can go deep down the hair follicles and strengthen hair by making your hair roots strong thus reducing breakage and split ends.

  • Silky Shinier Hair: By locking the hair moisture, hot oil treatments can  reduce frizziness of hair and add a natural shine and smoothness to the hair.

  • Scalp Health: Massaging the oil into the scalp can improve blood circulation that improves scalp health while reducing dandruff and promote healthier hair growth.

  • Damage Repair: Periodically practiced hot oil treatments can help repair hair damage caused by heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental factors.

    How Many times a Month can this Hot Oil Treatment Practiced?

    Hot Oil Treatment can be done once a week to gain better hair texture and hair health. So always try to include this treatment for your Sunday regime. You can also try it using different concoction and different natural ingredients. Also this can be practiced post hair mask treatment. 



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